How to Assemble your Spinner Bike

A Spinner® bike must be correctly assembled to offer maximum performance. Loose parts, skipped steps in the assembly process and wrongly installed components can all sabotage the way a bike operates, and cause it to wear prematurely. The steps to assemble a Spinner bike depend on which model you buy, but some aspects of the assembly process apply to all bikes.

Verify that All Parts Are Included

Before you start the assembly process, be sure that the packaging contains all the parts you need. If a mistake at the factory resulted in a missing component, it’s best to find out about it in the short-term. Above all, don’t try to use a Spinner® bike that isn’t assembled with all of its parts.

Read Instructions Carefully

Spinner® bikes don’t have a complex assembly process, but they do require the pairing of precision parts that impact how the machinery operates. You may be excited to use your new Spinner® bike, but don’t rush to assemble it. Take your time and follow the instructions carefully.
Make Sure the Bike is Level

After the bike is assembled, place it on a flat surface and make sure it is level. You can do this by adjusting the leveling feet on the bottom of the cycle. Making the bike level ensures that your weight is distributed evenly as you ride, and prevents unnecessary strain on the base of the bike.

Now Watch the Video

The measures above will help you assemble a Spinner® bike correctly and ensure that it is ready to ride. For detailed step-by-step instructions on assembling your own Spinner® bike, check out the video we created that shows you how easy it is to have Spinner® bikes — the best indoor cycles in the world – ready for operation in your home workout center or fitness club.



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